Monday, 24 August 2009

A home for 100 Tufts

A home for a 100 tufts at A G flowers (London 2009) commissioned by the Surgery Gallery, as a part of Nunhead Arts Week. This installation had 100 tufts flying behind the window of the florist, these resembled giant dandelion seeds made from artificial materials.

During the art week 18 September - 4 October, the tufts were given away to visitors, each contained mystery flower seeds. People who received the work were asked to leave their contact details so I could discover where the seeds were planted and what kind of flower they became.

42 tufts found their new home.

See the tufts journey map here.

View A home for a 100 tufts - Miyuki Kasahara in a larger map

If you received the tufts and have sown the seeds, post the photos here!

The below are people who received the tufts.

choosing a tufts

receiving a tufts and an instruction

leaving her details - name, email address and postcode

a purple notebook for people's details

tufts' travel with flowers

with a local visitor

fly fly further

with a couple

let me go!

with a performance artist...

with flowers again

with a family

with a baby

with this lady

How to take care of seeds

There are five different mystery seeds.

To get the seeds, just pull out the top part. Then follow the instruction.

Have you sown your seeds?